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What Does TPMS Mean?

TPMS Light on Dash

If you’ve been driving for a while, chances are you’ve spotted a TPMS light in your dashboard at least once. But what does TPMS mean? TPMS is short for Tire Pressure Monitoring System, which is a feature that actively tracks the air volume of your tires as you travel on the Lincoln streets. If the TPMS detects that one or more of your tires has run low on air, it will offer an alert via a dashboard warning light. Most recently produced vehicles have this feature since it’s a great way to maintain safe travels without added work. Below, our service team will help you get to know your tire pressure monitoring system and its features!

Tire Pressure Monitoring System Features

Your tire pressure monitoring system works in the background as you commute from Seward to Milford to keep tabs on the status of your tires. When the air levels in one or more of your tires gets too low, the system will trigger a warning light on your dashboard. In this case, you’ll spot either the letters ‘TPMS’ or a flat tire with an exclamation mark in the middle illuminated near your gauges. When this light comes on, it means at least one of your tires is low on air, which can cause:

  • Poor traction
  • Decreased load carrying capability
  • A flat tire or blowout
  • Poor fuel economy

When you ensure your tires have proper air volumes, you immediately make your vehicle safer to operate. Over the life of your vehicle, keeping your tires inflated correctly will prevent uneven wear and tear, improve performance, and boost fuel economy. 

Proper Tire Inflation

Whether your tires are over- or under-inflated, you can have trouble when your tires are out of whack. Meanwhile, tires with the correct air pressure offer:

  • Reduced tread movement that increases the lifespan of the tire
  • Reduced rolling resistance, which improves vehicle fuel economy
  • Increased water dispersion to minimize the chance of hydroplaning 

If you have new tires and you’re unsure how much air they need, your owner’s manual is your source of truth. Refer to it when you check your tire pressure, that way you can be certain that your vehicle is in tip-top shape. If you do discover that your tires are running low, you’ll have several options to get things up to snuff:

  • Many gas stations have tire filling areas in addition to the pump stations.
  • You can visit us in Crete for complete tire care.
  • If you need just a bit of air, you can inflate your tires with a bike pump when you’re in a pinch!

Keep Your Vehicle Running Properly With Sid Dillon Chevrolet Crete

Now that you can answer the question, “What does TPMS mean?” you’re ready to service your vehicle with professional precision. If your TPMS light is on, book an appointment with us in Crete for affordable tire care. Better yet, you can explore our service coupons to find even greater savings on our competitive rates. As always, if you have any questions about caring for your vehicle, contact us at your convenience!

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